Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) Qualifications

The assessment, internal and external quality assurance units form part of the Learning and Development qualifications, often referred to as TAQA suite of qualifications.

The units are designed for anyone assessing, internally or externally quality assuring qualifications, programmes of learning or competence in the workplace. You can study the units in any order whether you are employed or self-employed or working in the voluntary sector. The qualifications are made up from a combination of units according to job roles. There is a knowledge unit, which can taken whether or not you intend to conduct assessments or internal or external quality assurance. There are then one or two performance units depending on your specific requirements.

Please click on the headings for a detailed breakdown of the Assessor and Internal Quality Assurance units.

TAQA Assessing Qualifications

There are three units at level 3 that make up this suite of qualifications. The first is a knowledge-based unit and the other two are performance units, and they may be studied in any order. Here we will break them down to help clear the’ fog’ surrounding these qualifications.

Unit 1 – Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessing Vocational Achievement

A knowledge-based unit that is a qualification in itself. As the name suggests it is for those who want or are required to develop their understanding of the principles and practices of assessing vocational competence but are not required to put this knowledge into practice. This unit is a mandatory unit for all TAQA Assessor qualifications. (3 credits)

Unit 2 – Assessing Occupational Competence in the Work Environment

A performance unit for anyone who assesses in the work environment using methods such as observing performance, asking questions, examining products of work and gathering of evidence. It may be used in a work environment or a programme of learning. (6 credits)

Unit 3 – Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement

A performance unit for anyone who assess in any environment using methods such as assignments, projects, simulations and tests. The assessment may work towards a qualification, a programme of learning or to confirm an employee’s knowledge and skills towards their job description. It does not require any assessing in the work environment. (6 credits)

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