Top 5 Reasons.

Could you think of the top 5 reasons to get certified off the top of your head? Well of course not and with my help you’ll be certified, happy, and enjoying life. Do you wonder how? Well not only will I give you the best 5 reasons to get certified, but also the best deals of this month.

So grab onto your seats for the best reasons to get certified with The Training Wizards:

  1. You will have certification options.
  2. You will get a badge.
  3. It will challenge your skills.
  4. Can learn everything and have time to know everything.
  5. You will save money.

if you don’t believe us then check out ATD.



This qualification is designed for those working in the matchday and events stewarding industry. It can be achieved by individuals typically working at sports events, parades, concerts or carnivals where the safety of spectators is paramount. Learners will develop the skills and knowledge needed to be able to prepare for events; control the entry, exit and movement of people; monitor spectators; and deal with crowd problems at spectator events. They will also be able to help manage conflict, deal with accidents and emergencies, and support you and your business.

This qualification will:

  • focus on the study of stewarding at spectator events within the leisure industry.
  • offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a key core of knowledge.
  • provide opportunities to acquire several practical and technical skills.

I mean who doesn’t want to steward a football game. Seems more fun to chase a runner than watch west ham play. It’s a good thing The Training Wizard have a course this month in London for only £350. Bargain.

first aid

Emergency First Aid @ Work.

This 1 Day basic first aid course is ideal for those already working or preparing to work within industry wishing to become an Emergency First Aider in the workplace for the purposes of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. you can learn to understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider, how cool. Be able to assess an incident and be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally, sounds scary but at least you can help me. There is so many more things you can learn click here to see more reasons why. Learning about first aid is fun. With The Training Wizard, you can go on a course for as little as £55. Love that price.

Just as a little reminder to all you SIA badge holders as of the 1st of April you’ll be required to have first aid training so you best get on the next course with us.


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