TAQA Internal Quality Assurance Qualifications (IQA)

The role of an Internal Verifier, now known as Internal Quality Assurance (IQA), is to quality assure the decisions made by assessors about the quality of work produced by learners. IQAs often work within training companies and can be employed or work freelance. It is possible to Internally Quality Assure for a number of training organisations. IQAs are an essential link between training organisations and Awarding Bodies. It is the IQA’s role to prepare portfolios for external verification when requested and to ensure that all work produced (from learners and assessors) meets the national standards of the Quality Curriculum Framework (QCF). IQAs must keep records of standardisation meetings and be on hand to provide support and guidance for their assessors.

Before you enrol onto an IQA course you will need to identify the most appropriate unit(s) to meet your specific needs. If you are in any doubt as to which one(s) to choose, please complete the enquiry form and we will be happy to advise you.

There are three units at level 4 in this suite of qualifications. Just like the assessor qualifications, it depends on what your job role, or intended job role requires. The first is purely knowledge-based and the other two are performance units and they may be studied in any order.

Unit 4 Understanding the Principles and practices of internally insuring the quality of assessment. (6 credits)

This is a knowledge-based unit and is ideal for new and existing internal quality assurers or anyone who wishes to know more about being an IQA but does not need to quality assure activities. It is a mandatory unit for all of the IQA qualifications and is a qualification in its own right.

Unit 5 Internally Assure the Quality of Assessment.

This is a performance units for anyone who internally quality assures the work of assessors, for example observing practice, sampling decisions and providing support and advice. It can be achieved in any environment by internally quality assuring qualifications, programmes of learning or workplace competence.

Unit 8 Plan, Allocate and Monitor Work in Own Area of Responsibility.

This is a performance unit for anyone who leads the IQA process within an organisations, of example, co-ordinating the work of other IQAs. The role will include having the responsibility for managing the quality and performance of assessors and/or other IQAs. Developing systems and liaising with external inspectors might also be part of the role.

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